Be Strong!

Be Vegan!


Life Loving Foods™ because we love life and we love food.

Because we love life we want to protect it, to cherish it and to sustain it.

Because we love food we want it to be delicious, healthy and nutritious.

To protect life and living beings we need to avoid animal sources.

To cherish life we need to reduce pollution, environmental impact and improve the quality of living.

To sustain life we need to protect it from harm and to provide sustenance in a balanced manner.

To make food delicious we need to mimic popular customer preferences.

To make food healthy we need to use high quality and controlled ingredients.

To make food nutritious it must provide bodily needs in the most complete manner.

Medical research indicates that high levels of protein are good for our bodies

Scientific research indicates that meat is the most dense source of protein.

Strength is a synonym for muscles which is a synonym for protein and protein is basically meat or dairy.

That is why we strive to make food products that sustain strength while being vegan.

In other words life loving foods through which one can be strong and can be vegan!


Why Kebab?

Kebab because it is a very popular food item, it is a meat replacement and is very rich in flavour and seasoning which makes it very functional as a plant based food alternative.

We are able to reproduce a very close to real taste and texture by making use of large sized textured wheat flakes combined with world class flavouring.

Our flagship Vegan Kebab products provide 600g plant-based meat equivalent at €4.95 retail prices (€8.25/kg of cooked ready to eat product). It has a total cooking time of 17-20 minutes from dry state to ready to eat and due to a 2-stage cooking process requires only 10 minutes or less of heat. As a comparison the effective cost of a cooked and ready to eat 1 kg of medium cost minced beef at 15-20% fat is (€7.40 -fresh or frozen raw) and adjusted for weight loss of 12% due to cooking = 7.10*1.12= €8.29/kg.

Our Kebab also include very healthy coconut flour which provides fiber and a very complete amino acid profile which helps in digestion and complements wheat protein very nicely making it easy to digest and makes our Vegan Kebab a complete and healthy meal. By preparing it with colza (rapeseed) oil it provides healthy Omega’s as well. We strive to add nutritious value at every stage of development of our recipes and products.


Why Tandoori?

Tandoori because it is part of our attempt and commitment to apply our food solutions and innovative mixes to all cultures. India is possibly the largest vegetarian country in the world and one of the oldest.

Providing rich in plant based protein food solutions in these flavors is a means to add variety, cultural awareness but mainly to introduce this concept to other countries where it is much needed.

Our goal is to spread rich in protein food solutions to underdeveloped countries because of 2 main reasons.

Primarily because non-meat eating populations in those regions do not have easy access to rich in protein alternatives and therefore according to medical research are not receiving their daily protein requirements.

But also because our products are a very cost effective means to feed large populations in a very healthy and cost effective manner. For example, the commercial wholesale price of our meat equivalent mixes is €1.95 per package providing 600g of cooked food. In a bulk, unpackaged version this can be reduced to almost €1.40 which means  1kg of cooked product has a consumer cost of about €2.35. This is very affordable in comparison to any other rich in protein food solutions available.


Why Panna Cotta?

Panna Cotta because it is a dairy intensive and gelatin based highly popular dessert. The other major difficulty facing plant based foods is to replace dairy products such as milk, cream and cheese in a convincing manner. It is a major challenge due to the fact that most dairy products are the result of fermentation which is closely tied to the raw material.

Our response to this situation was to develop a version of Panna Cotta that differentiates itself in the content and in taste. It is a creamy dessert that has 6g of protein and 88 calories per 100g. It is very high for a food item where the major ingredient is water. As a comparison a medium sized apple (160g) provides 96 calories and only 0.5g of protein.

Another reason for developing non-dairy alternatives is that, eventhough easily overlooked by consumers, dairy is the other side of the coin of the meat industry and in particular beef. It generates as much suffering, pollution and is as unsustainable as meat. That is why it is equally urgent to bring change to the dairy industry and our Panna Cotta is such a product.

One of our future plans is to invest in finding suitable plant based alternatives for the global milk market because there is a huge demand and not many cost effective solutions.


Why Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Chocolate chip cookies because they are the most popular of cookies. They are also midway between a dessert and a snack and are often used with a glass of milk as a between meals for kids and even by adults. This provided us with a unique opportunity to provide a very effective and unique food item. We have attached the nutritional values along with the ingredients because together they provide the essence of our choice.

The key element is that 100g of our cooked cookies provide 19g of protein and most of it is pea protein. This is as much as in our Vegan Kebabs. The main reason why we developed this product is to use it to introduce change in a pleasant and tasty manner and especially in school meal plans. Replacing meat with vegetables in meals for children and youngsters has become very urgent and it is a very difficult task. It is much easier to provide the vegetables, fiber and protein inside a delicious chocolate chip cookie. It provides the equivalent of 50g of meat per meal and it also provides a healthy dessert in place of empty calorie desserts.

We intend to heavily promote this concept and product to school lunch providers and to private schools directly in Europe and in the USA where we have noted growing interest through our contacts with the Humane Society of the United States and other entities. Schools are an important place to implement changes in food habits for the present and especially     for the future.


Why Baklava?

Baklava because it is a ready to eat snack item which can be as delicious in a vegan version as in a animal source version. It is the first item we launched from our line of 3rd party custom produced vegan versions food products.

We selected a world famous sweets manufacturer in the Middle East for high quality traditional pastries and we requested of them to produce for us an exclusive line of vegan versions of their delicious Baklava.

By gradually converting major food industry companies worldwide towards plant based recipes and products we not only provide delicious vegan alternatives for our customers but we also spread the message that change is not only necessary but also possible and profitable.

We plan to add more varieties and to integrate more 3rd party products into our offering. We try to select exclusive products of the highest quality possible and are in discussion with a number of companies such as Hummus, Artichoke Dips and other food variety manufacturers world wide.



So far planet Earth is the only known planet that hosts life and the only known planet that has the requirements to host life.

This means that preserving our planet is the only means to guarantee continuity of these very rare and precious elements.

Food is a key element towards such an objective not only in it’s production but also in its consumption. Since we need to consume it very regularly it has a cumulative effect. If we can substitute but one animal source meal per week with a plant-based meal it has a large impact.

By substituting polluting foods with sustainable foods, even if at a small scale, it can have a significant effect. That is why it is very important not to simply provide food but to provide food that is beneficial on all levels.

That is why we try to provide as many valid arguments as possible within our food products by attending to taste, texture, popularity, healthiness, satiety and  even digestability so as to encourage consumers to associate our products with a pleasant experience.


What Next?

New research and advances in the medical domain provide us with a constant supply of information on how to improve the nutritious value of our food products.

Environmentalists are constantly providing details about the negative or positive effects of certain food choices. This knowledge helps us be selective about the type of ingredients we use.

Politics also provides us with details about which type of items have positive or negative impacts on populations or ecosystems.

Our Partners are constantly developing and improving their products which in turn provides us with new recipes and varieties of products that are delicious and cost effective.

Because of these factors the future has unlimited potential but for the near future we already have many new products ready to deploy along our 4 main lines which are the meal (meat like), dairy free, sweet mixes and 3rd party snack foods.

Since we try to have as much feedback before launching the next item we are not sure which one it will be?