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Life Loving Foods is delighted to share the progress of the ppc project …

We are delighted to share some major progress and some intermediary progress concerning the development of our new product line.

The plantypro crumble is intended to be the stir fry version of minced meat. Regular meat can be both a “crumble” and be a paste due to the release of the protein myosin when it is kneaded with some salt. The myosin is sticky and so it will make patties as well if desired.

Being a plant-based mix, we needed to make a separate product that will provide the characteristics of the “crumble” version of minced eat since it is widely needed and used in recipes. The main milestone we reached for today is the naming convention of “protein crumble” and as per our US partners this is already in familiar use for this type of a product. So, we are incredibly happy to have resolved this major concern.

We also want the ppc to have an amino acid and nutritional profile like that of our planty protein mix. Our first test was with such a mixture and again we were pleasantly surprised with the overall results. Much optimization work lies ahead but we feel confident that satisfactory results can be achieved.

The images are of a prototype packaging along with a picture of our first cooked ppc and we will share additional updates asap …

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