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Life Loving Foods presents our first chili lovers product …

For our first “chili lovers” product we have chosen the tex y mex with the highly popular green jalapeño chili. It is the same basic tex y mex recipe with the addition of green jalapeño flakes with a dosage that is sufficient to be representative of the scoville score. The jalapeno has a score of 7K = 7000 shu. This makes it a very mild chili and we will add enough flakes so that the taste result will be within such limits. Some products will make use of chilis that have scores of 800K = 800,000 shu which is basically up to 100x stronger and likewise the taste experience will be adjusted as such. We will be using flakes and not powder so that it is possible to adjust the experience while eating. To have a stronger effect it is possible to chew the mouthful for longer and for less effect then to swallow rapidly. The stamp on each product will change from the simple version to a more complete stamp with the chili name and the approximate scoville score. We will soon be presenting you with the other chilis we will be using, and we welcome you heartly to join this fascinating adventure into this much appreciated yet little-known world of chilis …  😛  🙂

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