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vegan protein mince becomes plantypro mince …..

PlantyPro is the name under which Life Loving Foods® relaunches its award winning dry state vegan versions of minced beef. It is the name given to what is an innovative concept that strives to take plant protein as a substitue for animal source protein to the next level. For this pupose we have separted protein as a nutriment from animals as a source and meat and dairy as an application. This allows us to optimise each element on its own account and recombine them in a finished product that is optimised in more ways than one. Protein is one of the main macronutrimets that our body needs and its main use is to build body tissue cells. Protein is a general name that is given to what is a set of molecules that are composed of amino acid chains which are the basic building blocks of various cells. These amino acids for visual simplicity can be considered as variously colored and shaped lego blocks. And these blocks are used by living organisms to compose many parts of their bodily structure. Different proteins have different amino acid compositions the same as different lego kits have different blocks. Different organisms need different kits and that is why our planty protein products are mixes of various basic plant proteins so as to provide a more complete kit of blocks than a single plant protein ingredient would. This is why our vegan protein mince product name has evolved to plantypro mince accordingly since our new mix strives to provide more than just a simple protein product…..