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Life Loving Foods presents the taste of suya …


Suya or soya is the quintessential West African street food that is made up of well-spiced grilled pieces of meat that are mostly placed on a skewer.

In Nigeria, it is called suya. In Cameroon, it is called soya. In Ghana, it is called chinchinga or sitsinga. In French it is called brochettes. It is also known as “beef kebab” or “kabob”. It is one of life’s guilty pleasures, very tasty and a little addicting.

Suya actually refers to the seasoning mix, which typically includes ground peanuts, salt, pepper, paprika, and chili pepper. The flavor is complex and the aroma is strong but pleasant. Heat levels vary depending on the cook, but the depth of flavor is consistent and is the draw that will make you overeat if you’re not careful.

You could use this suya spice mix to marinate meat, fish or chicken. It is a must-have for your kitchen shelf and it stays pretty well in a sealed container for later use.” –


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